Bangalore, stone quarry

There are many stone quarries around Bangalore. The people, young and old, work there under the most appalling circumstances. In the burning sun they cut stones into small pieces. Even the smallest children join hands with the task of their parents at the stone quarries. The families live in small homemade huts on the dusty quarry surroundings.

The Jianderfonds financed a day-care (Ashraya Deep) for the young children (0-6) of the families who work in the stone quarries. The day-care is close to the stone quarry. The building also provides medical care for people who get injured in the stone quarry. A special van picks up the children in the morning and brings them back to their family in the evening. In the day-care centre the children can play together, sing songs and learn a little bit of English.

Children in the age of 6-14 can go to Planet Hope. Planet Hope is a boarding. The children stay here day and night. The parents usually visit the children every weekend. The children go to school to make sure they have a better future than their parents.