Bangalore, microcredit

Jianderfonds also supports microcredit initiatives in the surroundings of Bangalore. There are approximately 100 groups of women who are supported by the Jianderfonds. Each of these groups consists of 20 or more women. They save money in the group, which is then supplemented by a loan from the Jianderfonds. The group meet together and decides to lend the money to one of the group members. She can use the money to set up an activity like; setting up a small shop or buying a cow that generates income for her family. The loan is paid back to the group in instalments and can be used to lend to another candidate.

This way of job creation has been very successful. Microcredit provides opportunity for many women to develop themselves independently. The groups are professionally trained in banking, in literacy and so on by the supporting organization.

bangalore microcredit