Bangalore, printing press

The Jianderfonds supports a day-care centre (Ashraya Deep) and a boarding (Planet Hope) for children of families who work in the stone quarries near Bangalore, India (for more information about Ashraya Deep and Planet Hope: see the project “Bangalore, quarry”).

The running expenses of these projects such as food and drinks for the children, honorarium for the staff and maintenance of the buildings etcetera are paid by the Jianderfonds. We are also concerned with the future sustainability of these projects. Therefore we have financially supported to develop a printing press next to Planet Hope with the intention that the projects like Ashraya Deep and Planet Hope in the future can be financed form the profit received out of this printing press.

The establishment of the printing press also helped people to get new employment opportunities. Some of the men and women who were previously working in the stone quarries are now working in the printing press.